General Terms and Conditions SUP Rental

1. Booking procedure and contract

a) With the booking request, the lessee, hereinafter referred to as the customer, accepts the current terms and conditions of SUP Rental Hamburg, hereinafter referred to as the "rental firm", as solely binding.
b) Booking requests for SUP rental must be made via the booking tool on the website and are binding without exception.
c) The customer receives an automatic email confirmation immediately after the payment process and the sending of the booking request. By sending the booking confirmation, a binding contract is concluded between both parties.
d) In booking requests, a working email address must be provided, its availability must be guaranteed and SPAM folders must be checked for emails. Booking confirmations and communication from SUP Rental Hamburg are deemed to have been received once they have been sent. SUP Rental Hamburg is not obliged to check for missing, incorrect or non-functional email addresses.

2. Time and duration of the rental

a) The booked time and duration of the SUP rental are binding. Delays by the customer, for whatever reason, are the customer's responsibility and do not entitle the customer to a postponement or to a refund or reduction of the fee. It is recommended that the client arrive about 15 minutes before the appointment.
b) The theoretical briefing (on request) is always part of the booked time.
c) Booked times must be adhered to and the organiser must be informed of any delays. If the rental property is returned more than 15 minutes late, the hirer shall be liable to the organiser for the period of the delay. A late return will result in an additional charge according to the current price list. If necessary, the hirer has to pay compensation if subsequent customers bail out due to late return.
d) If the rental equipment is returned before the end of the booked time, no partial refund of the prepaid amount will be made.
e) If SUP Rental Hamburg is unable to meet the deadline because the equipment has not been returned on time by previous customers, the the booked time will be postponed. If a postponement is not possible, the prepaid fee will be refunded, the prepaid fee will be refunded.
f) The return can only take place during business hours. After the close of business, the respective rental hours will be charged to the hirer until the the following business hours will be charged to the hirer, but at least one day's rent.

3. Payment

a) Fees for tours, courses and SUP rental are payable in full in advance by Paypal or credit card, cash payment on site is not accepted.
b) The booked number of hours per board / course / tour / accessories will be charged, with a minimum rental time of 2 hours. Unused time will not be refunded. If the time is exceeded, a quarter of an hour will be charged according to the price table.
c) The booked number of boards (rental, tours and courses) must be paid for in full, regardless of whether all boards are used, or not (see cancellation conditions).
d) Any amount paid will be forfeited without compensation if the trip is not commenced within the first 90 minutes of booking.

4. Obligations of the customer and complaints

a)Customers are responsible for board loading and watering.
b) Prohibited are: Motor sporting events, exceeding the permitted number of persons and the the permissible number of persons and payload, commercial use, transport of goods and other illegal purposes. especially anchoring to trees and shores and anchoring after sunset.
c) Customers are obliged to return the rental material in a cleaned, proper and condition suitable for rental. Heavy soiling will be removed at the expense of the customer and a and charged with a lump sum of 10 €.
d) Customers and their companions are obliged to check the rental equipment for damage and completeness. for damage and completeness. Complaints are to be reported immediately immediately to the organiser. The customer shall be liable for damage or incompleteness the full amount of the current value upon return.
e) In the event of accidents, the customer must immediately call the water police on 040 428665255 and wait until they arrive. The landlord must also be notified. No admission of guilt may be not be made by the customer. Likewise, opposing claims may not be recognised. The customer is furthermore obliged to draw up an accident report in writing with a sketch, the location of the accident, the persons involved, the registration number of the boat and any witnesses, the persons involved and the registration number of the boat as well as any witnesses and to submit it to the lessor at the latest when the boat is returned.
f) Duty of care: The hirer must treat the watercraft with care. He must observe the technical rules, avoid water depths below 1 metre, secure the craft properly before sunset only in harbours at jetties.

5. Duties of SUP Rental Hamburg

a) The lessor hands over to the customer for use a safe and technically perfect stand-up paddling board including paddle.
b) Liability: The lessor and his employees are only liable in case of intent and gross negligence. In general, the lessor is not liable for no liability for injuries and damages. Parents are liable for their children. Excluded is the liability for delays, which arise to the tenant e.g. non-feasibility of travel plans, in particular by defects or engine damage at the SUP.
c) No liability will be accepted for the Hirer's or his companion's belongings left behind, forgotten or lost.
d) In case of accidents, the renter has to call the water police immediately on 040 428665255 and wait until they arrive. Likewise the landlord is to be informed. The renter is not allowed to admit guilt. Likewi opponent's claims are not recognized.

6. Liability of the customer

a) The participation in offers from courses, tours and rental and the use of the equipment is at your own risk. Customers have to insure themselves sufficiently: e.g. liability, accident and health insurance. In case of accidents, injuries and damages that affect the course participant or third parties, liability is expressly excluded by organizer or its training or auxiliary personnel.
b) The customer undertakes to check the material provided to him for completeness and damage. The material provided for use may not be passed on to third parties. The material must be the agreed period of use, the material is to be returned in proper condition to the starting point and to draw the attention of the organizer to any damage or incompleteness.
c) The customer is liable for all breaches of contract, especially intentional and gross negligence, alcohol and drugs and if he damages the boat. The customer is liable after handover for loss and damage caused to board, fin, paddles or other rental equipment. If the customer signs for more than one participant he remains liable to the lessor in all points. He has to return the boat in the same condition the boat in the same condition as he took it over at the beginning of the trip. The liability also extends to all consequential costs e.g. repair, expert and towing costs, depreciation, loss of rent, excess etc. For each day on which the vehicle is not available to the lessor, the customer is liable for one day's rent. In case of breach of contract, the lessor may terminate the rental relationship immediately. Claims of the customer are considered forfeited.
d) Theft, fire, explosion: If the SUP, as well as the parts firmly connected with the SUP are stolen or damaged by fire or explosion and the customer fulfills the duty to and the customer has fulfilled the duty of notification and there is no breach of contract, the deductible is due.

7. Participant requirements / safety / exclusion of participants

The minimum age for the independent rental of SUP boards or participation in courses is 16 years. a) The customer assures that he as well as his accompanying person are physically and mentally healthy and are able to be able to swim freely in open waters for at least 15 minutes.
b) Course participants undertake to remain within the instructor's field of vision at all times during the course.
c) The consumption of alcohol, drugs, narcotics is not allowed before and during a tour or course. The consumption of tobacco products on the boards is strictly prohibited.
d) The organizer expressly reserves the right to exclude participants from further participation in the course/tour if they do not follow the instructions. if they disobey the instructions of the organizer. Through this measure the still outstanding lesson time without replacement and the fee will not be refunded.

8. Cancellation

a) Booked services are to be paid in full even if the customer does not use them or uses them only partially. It does not matter whether the cancellation is due to listlessness, forgetfulness, less than perfect weather conditions such as e.g. cloudy sky, rain or suboptimal temperatures, illness, accident or similar.
b) Cancellation fee for courses and SUP rental
Cancellation till 3 days before the event: 0% of paid price.
Cancellation till 1 day before the event: 50% of paid price.
Cancellation less than 24 h before event: 100% of paid price.
SUP Rental:
Cancellation till 3 days before the rental: 0% of paid price.
Cancellation till 1 day before the rental: 50% of paid price.
Cancellation less than 24 h before rental: 100% of paid price.

One day = calendar day (scheduled time does not matter)

9. Salvage

If unforeseen circumstances occur, which make a timely return of the rental equipment impossible or require a premature termination, the customer is customer is obliged to inform the rental company immediately, so that a simple and cost-efficient a simple and cost-effective solution is agreed upon. If the lessor sees itself to protect its interests and to avoid possible damage / loss of material loss of material, to take back the rented material in whole or in part, contrary to the contrary to the agreements, the customer named in the rental contract shall bear the costs. customer shall bear the costs. For recovery of the rented material 50,00 €* per hour will be charged. and for the vehicle per kilometer 1,50 €* plus the usual transport costs. will be charged. Possible material damage or loss caused by the behavior of the customer and one of his participants are to be borne by the customer.

10. Withdrawal

There is no right of revocation (§312g Abs 2 BGB).

11. Final provisions and place of performance

a) Verbal side agreements have not been made and must be in writing. Should one or provisions of these terms and conditions are or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. of the remaining conditions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid provision that comes as close as possible to the economic and legal the economic and legal will of the contracting parties. (Severability clause)
b) Course participants undertake to remain within the teacher's field of vision at all times during the course.
German law applies. Place of jurisdiction and fulfillment: Hamburg.